What is Muko?

TauT Hankyu Rakusai Exit

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Hankyu Railway is collaborating with Kyoto City to develop the elevated area “TauT Hankyu Rakusai-guchi” between Rakunsai-guchi and Katsura Station.

This area is approximately 1 km in length, and its first phase, which focuses on local shops and businesses, opened ahead of schedule on October 22, 2018.

Initially opened as a ground-level station in March 2003, Rakusai-guchi Station underwent elevated construction work that began in 2007.

In 2016, surrounding road improvement projects were initiated, including the Yonan Highway intersection, Keiji-dera Line, and Kuse Kitachaya Line intersections.

Kyoto City and Hankyu Railway are dedicated to community development centered around the Rakunishi-guchi to Katsura Station corridor.

They aim to enhance the surrounding area’s convenience with a long-term perspective.

Around 2010
Around 2018
As of 2023
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